24option is now official sponsor of the FC Juventus

24option sponsors Juventus

There is no better news than to find out that one of your favorite binary options brokers is now sponsoring one of the best football teams in the world – FC Juventus!

Looking back at my review of 24option, which I wrote about 2 years ago, I was stunned by 2 things: firstly, how could I possibly be so wrong about this broker, when I was saying that it was “yet another average level broker that for sure will not undermine anyoption’s leading positions”. Secondly, how can a company make such a giant leap from being just an average broker (and I remember very clearly that this was the situation back in 2012) and becoming by far the leader among binary options brokers?! Just amazing achievement!

davids and zidaneNow this sponsorship… I don’t know, maybe someone will say that my excitement is a little immature and naive, but I truly believe that when you become a sponsor of a world known team or let’s say, you sponsor a big event, you are not only achieving great branding, but you are showing a well spirited business approach. And of course, the trustworthiness and reliability are things that I personally read between the lines.

After all, no football club or any other respectful organization will sign a sponsorship deal with a company that cannot be trusted. If something goes wrong, such a deal can undermine a reputation of a club and cause money losses that cannot be covered with the money earned from the sponsorship agreement. So at the end of the day, it’s like a statement – if Juventus trusts their reputation and welfare to 24option, then why shouldn’t you?

buffon from juventusIn any case, broker 24option hasn’t just awed me in a good way, but brought in me sweetest memories of a little boy, watching football with his father and two brothers. Up until now I think that Buffon is one of the greatest goalkeepers of the world, Del Piero had so many state-of-the-art goals that he will always be in my heart and Edgar Davids… just remember his great attitude and orange sunnies =)

By the way, I have read in the press release sent by 24option, that following this great sponsorship deal, they will be holding a promotion which will include prizes such as flying the winner to one of the Juventus’s games. How cool is that? I wouldn’t mind a prize like that 😉

del piero in juventusI don’t know if anyone from 24option will be reading this article, but I would like to tell you that I would be more than happy to see more promotions like that. Maybe you can get for your traders some small FC souvenirs, or t-shirts, signed by Juventus players, or footballs…

Well, to sum it up, if you guys haven’t yet started trading at 24option and you love football as much as I do, I guess this will be an easy decision for you now 😉 Sign up and be a part of football celebration!

Wishing to everyone lots of football scores and trading victories!

*Disclaimer: Trading Binary Options and/or CFDs involves significant risk of loss. CFDs are leveraged products and it is possible to lose more than your initial investment.

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