Binary Options Broker P-options is a SCAM!


Introduction: how P-options robbed me…

Broker P-options was a new binary options broker with a European Union license (CySec), which seemed to guarantee that the broker is reliable. I hate to disappoint you but after the scam story with P-options that I had it seems to be no longer true as even with this stupid license they managed to rip me off and not pay me 1900 USD that they owed me… The broker began its activity in early 2016 and the reviews about Poptions have not yet accumulated, so knew I was taking a risk, but as someone who is considered to be the “authority” in the binary options world I have to constantly check out the new companies coming to market and provide the reviews about them. As you all probably know, for over 4 years I have been working with 24option platform and they have been paying without any questions and hesitation – this is one of the most important parameters in binary world. Because no matter how hard you work, how successful you are, if at the end of the day broker doesn’t pay you, it all is worth nothing…

Binary options on P-options

money management in binary optionsSo to make long story short, the p-options platform seemed to be ok at the first sight, they had pretty similar trading instruments as other brokers, the platform was leased from Techfinancials, and I have worked with platforms like this before, so it all looked pretty much ok to me so I didn’t have any concearns at the beginning. And oh yeah, they have offered wonderful conditions so it was hard to pass on an offe like that… So after working with P-options for a month and a half, I have requested the payment and here all the problems started. I have spoken to the manager that was my contact at P-options and she said that the payment will be by 10th of June 2016. On a due date I have checked my bank account ballance and saw that the payment was not done. After I contacted the manager dhe said that she was fired and today was her last day, but she promices the payment will be executed.

Since then they haven’t answered any of my messages and I haven’t received my 1900 USD. I was frustrated and got the contacts of their CEO, Roy Solomon, who told me he will take care of the payment and since then he hasn’t answered any of my messages and I still didn’t get my money…

Conclusion about Poptions – IT IS A FRAUD

So as you might guess, until I get my money that I earned by hard work and by LAW!!! I will consider p-options a scam and I strongly recommend any trader that visits this page to avoid trading at P-options and to spread the information about this scam broker. Be safe and trade with brokers who have long and positive history of payments on the market! Like I said, my personal favorite is 24option, butthere are also many other reliable brokers out there, don’t let a scam trash like p-options ruin your experience with binary options!

*Trading Binary Options and/or CFDs involves significant risk of loss. CFDs are leveraged products and it is possible to lose more than your initial investment.

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  • I suspected that P-options is a SCAM too bad I haven’t read this review before I deposited =(((((

  • P-options is a piece of shit broker!!! AVOID POPTIONS AT ALL COSTS!!!

  • Just can’t understand how a scam broker as p-options exist???? They don’t pay the well deserved and earned money and still hold that CySec license???? WTF???

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