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optionfair reviewBefore I start trading binary options with the new broker, I always check what people say about the broker. Optionfair reviews were mostly positive. From my experience, I can say that you will always find bad reviews just about any broker you would check, so it is essential to know how to distinguish truthful feedback that real traders leave from the intentional defamation by competitors or detractors.

Truthful broker reviews VS. intentional defamation

  • Firstly, you need to check the ratio of positive and negative reviews. Optionfair has a ratio of about 1/5, meaning that on five positive reviews Optionfair has one negative review. This is a healthy dynamics as I call it. There will always be competitors that want to undermine the reputation of a rival, bitter people that like writing nasty things or real traders that for some reason really had an unpleasant experience with the broker.

  • You need to understand that review that says something like this: “Optionfair is a scam because I invested all my money in one trade and I didn’t win” is different from a review that says “I wouldn’t recommend trading with Optionfair as they didn’t proceed with my earnings withdrawal”. Note that these reviews are just for the sake of an example and are not real Optionfair reviews).

  • Lastly, you need to look for the real evidence of broker’s reliability. Check if the broker has license (such as CySec or MIFID). If the broker doesn’t have license it should be a red flag to you. Note that once the broker has license it means that there is a regulator that will make sure that broker operates fairly and that all the traders get their payouts.

Trading with Optionfair

Below I will briefly explain about each trading opportunity that Optionfair offers. Some of them should really have your attention, as they are quite interesting.

Call-Put options

These are standard binary options, where you only need to make a prognosis of whether the price of a chosen asset will be higher or lower than current level by the certain time. Profitability of these kind of options is up to 85% from one deal.

One-touch options

Broker will offer you to choose from 2 levels – one will be higher than the current level and the other will be lower. You are to choose a level and say whether the price will reach it or not at least once during a chosen period. Works amazingly, when you see a strong trend!

Boundary options

Broker offers you a price range and you are to say whether the price will stay within this price range or will go out of it. It is a great opportunity to make money when markets are not so volatile and there is no obvious trend. You can just predict that the price will stay within the range.

Short-term options

These are the regular high-low (or call-put) options, but with very short expiration times: 1 to 5 minutes.

I have traded all four types and I can say that each of them is different from the others and demand using different trading strategy. It took me about 2 weeks to figure out the best working strategies for each, but I can definitely say that my hard work and dedication have paid off. My favorite is the Boundary options as there I have about 85% success =)

trading history

All you need to know about Optionfair

Min. deposit:$300 (or EUR or GBP)
Min. trade:$25
CySec license:Yes
Demo account:Yes, upon first deposit
Withdrawal:Within 36 hours
Visit official

I would like to say some words about their chat service and their account managers. People working there are very nice. Somehow, you can feel the difference. They are less sales-oriented than the majority of brokers that you would talk to and they are truly willing to help. I had some issues with my documents when I was making my first withdrawal and they assisted me very fast and efficiently.

Registration, Deposit and Withdrawal at Optionfair

Registration process at Optionfair is fast and efficient. It only takes about 4 minutes from the time you open a registration form and by the time you have your own trading account and can actually start trading.

You can open trading account either in USD or in EUR. Once you make a deposit, you get the money to your account instantly.

As for the withdrawal, you need to know that there is only 1 withdrawal per month that you can have without a commission. If you want to make more withdrawals during the same month, you will have to pay $30 per each withdrawal.

Optionfair Bonuses

Here is some good news for beginners! Optionfair offers 5 risk-free trades to all the newly-joined traders. Note that it is only available after your first deposit, so don’t forget to claim it before you start trading.

For those of you who are new to trading and to binary options I will briefly explain what risk-free trades mean. You buy an option and if it expires in-the-money you get your payout, but if it expires out-of-the-money you get 100% of your investments in that option back! It is a really nice and risk-free way to start trading binary options.

Optionfair reviews by traders

For your convenience, I have gathered different Optionfair reviews that I managed to find online when I was investigating this broker. I know that time is money so I thought it would be nice to keep these reviews and save the time for other traders. Hope you will find it helpful and good luck with the trading!

review #1

review #2

review #3

review #4

review #5

To start trading visit official OptionFair website:

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