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General Information

OptionBit is an international broker offering binary options trading in more than 100 countries. This broker is on the market of the online trading for over 2 years and has proven its high level of service and the ability to show constant development of the products.

Right now OptionBit platform offers three types of binary options trading:

Digital Trading  is a standard binary options trading when the investor needs to define whether the price of the chosen asset will go up or down by the certain time (for example, if the oil price will go down by the end of the day). In case of a successful prognosis the investor is making a profit of up to 81% of his investments. Which means, that by investing $100 you can make $181 in just one trade.

Touch Trading is a little bit more complicated trading system. Here the investor is being asked to say whether the price of an asset will touch the predetermined price level during certain period of time. Payout in this type of trading is also a little bit higher due to it’s higher level of difficulty. Making a successful trade in Touch Trading system can bring you 91% of your investment, which means that you can almost double your investment in 1 trade!

Range Trading is another type of trading that requires a little bit more knowledge of the markets and price behavior. Here you need to tell whether the price will stay within certain range or will not. It’s not as easy as just telling if the price will go up or down as here you also need to take into consideration how dramatic the raise or the fall of the price will be. Payout in this trading zone is up to 71% of your investments.

Important to mention that OptionBIt gives a nice $500 welcome bonus to the new traders joining the platform, which is always great to have some extra money that you can turn into profit!

Personal Feedback about Trading on OptionBit Platform

I personally believe that Touch and Range trading that OptionBit offers is more suitable for the experienced trades. If you are a beginner and just heard of an exciting binary options trading opportunity I recommend you to start with the standard Digital trading. It is really great and exciting opportunity to begin your trading career.

By the way, after you make registration on the OptionBit platform and start trading, you will be able to get Binary Options Trading Guide for free. This PDF book has all the useful tips for you to begin trading and it even reveals some of the successful techniques which you can use.

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