The boundary strategy at


The boundary strategy is one of the most exciting binary trading opportunities. Once we, as binary options traders, become comfortable with making simple CALL (the asset increases in value) or PUT (the asset is predicted to decline) trades, and have done their homework on the assets and environmental influences, we tend to look for more challenging and potentially more lucrative investments using advanced strategies. Considerations for a boundary strategy Trading within a predetermined boundary is […]

Pivot Points


There are plenty of options for analysis to improve investing strategies when trading binary options. Within technical analysis, which forecasts future market movements by analyzing past movements, there is an indicator commonly referred to as pivot points. Pivot points are useful as a short-term barometer but still require investors to stay updated on a daily basis in regards to market movements. Pivot points are very straight forward and easy to understand. They are extremely useful […]

How to leverage oil influence on FOREX in binary options trading?


No matter how advanced you are in the financial markets topic, there is no doubt in my mind, that you have noticed that many of the trading markets assets are interconnected. Meaning that price change of one asset influences the price of another asset. The influence can be direct and indirect and today I would like us to talk about the oil influence on the FOREX market and how to leverage that when trading binary […]

Binary Options Brokers Black List

AMF-Autorite-des-marches-financiers (2)

I think it is a good idea to have a place where we all would share or negative experience with certain brokers in order to help others avoid scummy brokers. I will include in this black list binary option brokers, which don’t pay the earnings, cheat with the charts or those that were caught in any other fraudulent activity. If you know a binary options broker, that you think should be added to this black […]

Binary options Strategy: Stochastic


Looking for a binary options strategy that will bring you 100% profit? Forget about it! There is no strategy that will guarantee you correct signals for every trade you make. Moreover, if you search the internet, you will see that there are a lot of strategies that are super complicated and at the same time you will not see good results when using them (if for starters you manage to understand how to implement these […]

Binary Options Strategy: SMA 200 and MACD


A majority of binary options traders often look for a simple trading strategy that will allow them to start earning money as early as possible. The Moving Average Strategy (200 SMA) is an easy and reliable binary options trading strategy based on the use of a simple moving average with period of 200 as you can guess from the name. This particular moving average creates a significant level of support or resistance. Usually traders use […]

Binary Scalping Strategy

scalping strategy

Those of you who have never heard of “binary scalping” term should not worry. All scalping strategies were adopted by binary options traders from Forex and are quite easy to explain and implement. The main principle of binary scalping strategies is that you buy many binary contracts and each of them brings you very small amount of profit but in a short time. The more deals like this you make, the higher the profit is. […]

Binary Options Strategy – Fibonacci Support and Resistance levels

fibonacci strategy result

I guess we all vaguely remember the term “Fibonacci numbers” from school or university classes, but I doubt that any of you remembers what is behind this term =) And you better refresh your memory as a great binary options strategy is based on Fibonacci numbers. When you trade binary options you can use a Fibonacci Retracement Indicator from the Live Graph and with its help built support and resistance levels that will indicate when […]

Binary options broker review – Optionfair

optionfair review

Before I start trading binary options with the new broker, I always check what people say about the broker. Optionfair reviews were mostly positive. From my experience, I can say that you will always find bad reviews just about any broker you would check, so it is essential to know how to distinguish truthful feedback that real traders leave from the intentional defamation by competitors or detractors. Truthful broker reviews VS. intentional defamation Firstly, you […]

Trading sessions for FOREX market


Unlike other trading assets, currencies (or FOREX) are traded 24/7. For those of you who want to trade binary options non-stop, this is a great opportunity to make money even when your familiar markets are closed for trading. Let’s start with naming all 4 trading sessions that exist for currency trading and that we will be using for trading binary options: European session, American session, Asian session and Pacific cession. Each of them has its […]


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