Binary options for beginners


For those who just start trading binary options I advise to read my detailed explanation of all the typical trader’s field functional components: Knowing how each of these components function and what is their meaning will be enough to start binary options trading. Here is the bottom line: – to start trading you need to fulfill following 4 steps: Step 1: Choose the underlying asset (index, currency pair, stock or commodity) Step 2: Choose the […]

Binary Options Glossary


Binary option – binary options are also called digital options or fix return options. When trading binary options investor needs to make a financial prognosis of the price direction in a specific time frame (up or down) of the underlying asset that he chose. For example if oil was chosen as an underlying asset and the end of the day as an expiry time then binary options trader needs to predict whether the oil price […]

Binary options trading strategies


Where to start? How to trade Binary Options?   Since the main principle of binary options trading is to predict the direction of the asset prices, the trader’s primary task is the correct choice of the underlying asset. If you are an experienced trader and feel comfortable on the financial market, then choosing an asset will hardly be a problem for you – choose the one you are most confident about as this essential choice directly affects your future profit. For those who just start getting to know what binary trading is I would recommend studying the market […]

Advantages and disadvantages of Binary Options Online Trading


As any other financial market product Binary Options trading has its advantages and disadvantages. There is no doubt that Binary Options is an extremely interesting and exciting product that has number of significant benefits, but as I already said there are certain disadvantages also and you need to be aware of them before you start trading. Advantages of Binary Options Trading Risk Control – before you start trading you will be asked to write in […]

OptionBit Review


General Information OptionBit is an international broker offering binary options trading in more than 100 countries. This broker is on the market of the online trading for over 2 years and has proven its high level of service and the ability to show constant development of the products. Right now OptionBit platform offers three types of binary options trading: Digital Trading  is a standard binary options trading when the investor needs to define whether the […]

What is Binary Options ?


Binary Options, also called “fixed return options” (FROs) or “digital options” are relatively new on the financial market, but nevertheless very popular among novice and expert traders. Binary option is a type of option in which the payout and potential risks of the investor are determined before the purchase of the contract, which makes binary options trading one of the most risk-controlled types of online trading. Talking generally Binary Options trading is nothing more than […]

traderXP review


Minimum deposit: $100 Minimum investment: $50 Options profitability: 68-73% Refund if out-of-the-money: 10% Assets: over 50 (stocks, indices, forex, commodities) TraderXP is one of the leading brokers on binary options trading field. It has a wide array of underlying assets to choose from, and offers unique features and tools to provide traders with all the opportunities to maximize their profits. Investors that choose TraderXP as their binary options broker can choose from variety of online tools […]

Main differences of Binary Options


Binary Options have number of differences from traditional (also known as “vanilla”) options. As this financial instrument has been developing over the years of various practices on financial markets and thus its differences became its advantages by taking old product and adjusting it for contemporary traders needs. Online accessibility – binary options are being traded on online platforms so there is no need for any software downloads and this means that you can trade binary […]


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Trading Binary Options

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