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traderxp Minimum deposit: $100 Minimum investment: $50 Options profitability: 68-73% Refund if out-of-the-money: 10% Assets: over 50 (stocks, indices, forex, commodities) TraderXP is one of the leading brokers on binary options trading field. It has a wide array of underlying assets to choose from, and offers unique features and tools to provide traders with all the opportunities to maximize their profits. Investors that choose TraderXP as their binary options broker can choose from variety of online tools to customize their trading. By using exclusively offered by TraderXP Option Builder tool traders can decide by themselves what asset to trade with which expiery time and more importantly what payout they want to receive if in-the-money. If you are up to a safe trading you can choose lower payouts with higher refund if out-of-the-money. If on the contrary you want to try a risky trade – choose maximum payout with 0% refund.

TraderXP aspires to provide traders with all the information needed to ensure the most extensive traders’ knowledge so that investors could make their most educated and successful trades.  24/7 live chat support, daily news feeds, tutorials and market analysis from TraderXP experts are absolutely free for TraderXP users and provide binary options traders with all information needed right at their fingertips. Why wait? Try an amazing and profitable binary options trading right now with TraderXP

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  • Avoid this broker!!!! TraderXP is a real scam! I wish someone have told me that before I lost all my money with them(((( There are so many decent binary brokers out there, don’t trade with traderXP

  • The Technical analysis uses various charts that may
    have different chart patterns like triangles, gaps, double tops and bottoms
    etc. Either case, at the end of the time period if the speculation comes true the investor makes profit.

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