Trading Chart for Binary Options

I am happy to give you free access to this trading chart, which I myself is using to trade binary options. As I previously wrote in my other reviews, I am using this trading chart in all of my strategies (you can see that all the examples and screenshots are from this chart).

What I like about this chart is that it is getting all the market information in real time, which allows us to be on top of our game. We don’t need to rely on brokers’ trading charts anymore as they don’t provide the variety of trading instruments that we need in order to trade binary options successfully.

As I said, you can use this trading chart for FREE whenever you need it. Below the chart you will see some basic explanations of the main instruments. Good luck!

choosing asset on the chart

Choosing a Trading Asset

EUR/USD pair is a pre-set asset. In order to change the asset you need to click on the field, erase EUR/USD and start typing the asset name that you are interested in. After you start typing you will see a drop-down list of assets that fit to your search.

timeframe of the live chart

Choosing a Time Frame

Some people prefer short-term binary options trading and some prefer long-term trading. This chart offers us variety of periods: starting from 1 minute and ending with one month. Please note that whatever period you choose it will be shown on the trading chart as 1 candle or a bar. In example, if you choose 1 minute, all the candles on the chart will represent 1 minute.

trading indicators on the live  chart

Trading Indicators

I have posted many articles under the “Strategies” category. In these articles I explain to you how to use major trading indicators in order to trade successfully binary options. If you are a beginner in the world of trading and binary options, I strongly recommend you checking the Strategies for beginners section.

chart types

Type of a chart

Some traders prefer candle charts and some traders prefer bars. It’s up to you what to choose, but I can say that some strategies are more suitable for candles and some are more suitable for bars. When I offer a strategy, I always state what kind of chart it is more convenient to work with.

Note: If you cannot see the trading chart, try opening it in another browser or check your internet connection.

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